Daily UI Challenge 2018

Daily UI Challenge is a website that aims to cultivate better designers. Anyone who accepts the challenge recives an email every weekday for 100 days prompting users to create specific designs.

Users get a prompt telling them to create, for example, a start up screen. Users then choose the platform, style, and content for themselves and post on social media.

I am taking this challenge a step further and creating and showing my wires for these challenges.

Day 001: Sign Up

Sign up screen wire
Sign up screen mock

I like to start any project by thinking about the mobile screens first and then build up from there. I think any start up screen needs at a minimum: username/email, password, a password repeat, and a submit button.

One of the things that I thought about was that annoying instance when the app is not recognizing a returning user and they are routed to the sign up screen. That prompted me to add the link to the login screen.

Another thought that I went back and forth on was if I should show the password repeat or if that should display after the password is set. I decided that there was ample room to add it here so I used the space.

Software Used


Day 002: Credit Card Checkout

Credit Card Checkout wire
Credit Card Checkout mock

Again, I went to the mobile version first. I wanted something that was very clean and minimal. What does the user absolutely need on this page? The only other thing that I would think about adding would be the option to scan the card so the user doesn't have to input all of the information.

Software Used


Day 003: Landing Page (Above the fold)

Landing Page wire
Landing Page mock up

I went with a simple landing page with two call-to-action buttons. I really want to convert the user. In retrospect, I should have added an about link so the user can get to know the company and not just the product.

Software Used

Photoshop C6

Day 004: Calculator

Calculator wire
calculator mock

I went with the basic calculator and a clean design. As a user, I don't need anything more than buttons with a hint of boundaries in a calculator design. I find everything else wasted effort.

Software Used

Photoshop C6

Day 005: App Icon

App Icon wire
App Icon mock

The app icon is for a Tetris style game. I took out the Zen because I thought it might be unnecessary; possibly too small to read at the size of an icon.

Software Used

Illustrator CC


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